Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Tyrant (lyrics)

Sending missiles to all who hold their flags.
A manic hypocrite dressed in patriot's skin.

The homeless witness every whisper from the streets;
Prophets dressed in rags - the wisest in this war.
And yet it towers, the suits invest in this mental warfare.

Playing God - creating disease.
A father turned tyrant with ease.

Tried to keep calm, tried to supress.
This cold war is heating, suprised we're still breathing.
Anger surging as eyes witness
A holocaust beckons from the bowels of our estate.

A gun demands notice which most'll never get;
My sweating hand grabs the revolver from the drawer.
The silence broken as the shot rings out,
And lands an inch off target.

My fingers lock. I'm petrified
As I witness the blood dress his side.

Once more! Fire once more!

Swift hands approach my limbs.
It's too late; the Tyrant straps me down
A test rat in fate's hands...
Muscles relax as I'm injected with what will end our world.

A guinea pig to perfect this weapon;
The dosage too low to knock me out.
Bloody Tyrant corrects last mistakes in preparation for the launch.

It's complete -
weapons aimed to the eastern world.
Thanatos is born today.
The human mind destroyed today.

The drug starts working as lights go out.

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